Arriving in Amsterdam!

As I had only 60 kilometres left, I did not feel like I had to be hasty about things. I ate breakfast with the others around ten or something, and as always, I love breakfast!

After the breakfast I fixed the squeakiness in the doors at Annas place with my bike oil. It sounded much better afterwards – or should I say nothing?
After that it was time for Sam and Anna to go, and we took some good bye photos!

As it rained outside, I took my time and did not leave before around 1200. I though it would only take about three hours to the next place, but so wrong I was!
I started with going by a scooter shop and pump my tire for real. Even though, after 35 kilometres it started to feel like a drag in the bike again, but I thought I was just paranoid.
When closing to Amsterdam, with 20 kilometres left, apparently they are reconstructing the roads everywhere, and I had to find a way around. When I after half an hour found the right re-routing road I started loosing more air in the wheel. I borrowed a cycle pump, but then, after 100 of metres, it was empty again. Not good!
I stopped and picked off all of my stuff. This time, I found what was making the punctures, as a small shard of glass had gone through the tire and made a small hole into the tube. I took the shard out and put a patch on the tube. So far so good.

Then, while pumping the tire with my small bike pump, I managed to break the valve. I had enough air in, but I could not get the hose off of it, so I just used duct tape to fix it to the wheel so I could continue and arrive sometime.
Enough was not perfect, so it did not go as fast as it usually did, and also I had headwind. I arrived at 1715, which was two hours later than I had planned for… I am happy this was not an ordinary long biking day.
There, I met Kim at the house. This was also a community, with people from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, plus some Dutch people.
Some were at their home countries or elsewhere but I got to meet Mira, the girl from Finland, as she were at home. I went with her to the store and we bought food to make dinner together. We made a nice pasta salad and drank my liquorice tea!

I then broke loose the hose for my mini pump as it was still attached to the valve, and also unscrewed the remaining bits that were in the hose.
I also started organising my things as some of stuff will be brought home because they are not needed, some I am finished with and some will be put in the trash.
I ended the evening by eating of some of the liquorice I bought at the store and looked at “Into The Wild” as I had never seen it before, actually. I really hope I will never try something like what he did unprepared!

My first puncture!

After eating breakfast I was on the road again by around 1000. The forecast told me it would rain a bit during the day, which it also started doing. I did not really mind it as it was going pretty well even though it rained.
I stopped for lunch and had the luck to have almost to none rain during my lunch time. I made another strange “some sort of creamy thing with pears”-lunch, and they do taste good!

A couple of hundred metres after lunch I was making a left turn. On this small road it started pouring down more than it had ever done during my trip so far. That was not the biggest problem: A short bit in on the road it appeaed to be a private road with a fence over the way, so I had to turn back. As I were not sure of which way to go, and the rain was pouring down, I decided to borrow the roof of a small restaurant by the way. While standing there a boy, 18 years old, with an umbrella came out and asked if I wanted to come inside, and you bet I liked to!
Apparently it was a place for weddings and as they did not have any planned weddings this day they had nothing to do, so he was relaly happy to treat me some tea and company.

He was working there and were studying or had studied for some sort of hotel managment as I understood it. He was really nice company!
This was just part of the place, but it looked good:

I then continued on another way. After some kilometres the bike appeared to go slower than usual, and it seemed like I had a small puncture. To not have to change it during the rain I just pumped some air into the tube and continued until I arrived at my first destination for the evening.
When I searched for couches, the first one who accepted would be looking at the game out in the city until 2000. The other one would go up really early in the morning but would like to treat me dinner if I had the time. Therefore I was going to Norma for dinner, a really nice girl who I am thinking of visiting more than a couple of hours when I start to go south again!
Later that evening I went to my other hosts place, Anna. It was really crazy on the roads as Holland had won the game; police everywhere trying to keep the traffic flowing while people were going round and round in the roundabouts.

The first thing I had to do was fix my puncture. I tried to find the hole but when the clock is nine in the evening you don’t really have the patience. It ended with me changing the tube, and so far so good.

She had another couchsurfer there and it was really nice to listen to them when he played the guitar and she sang! We had a nice time and later in the evening we looked at a movie, “The Terminal”. It was a really good day even though the rain was massive sometimes!

Next stop: The Netherlands!

Today, I ate breakfast with Andrea before she had to go to university. I also bought tickets for the flight home and back, as my brother will have his marriage 4th of july. I will go home in the evening by the 2nd of july and back in the evening of the 5th of july.
I went on pretty late, and I think I started biking around 1030.
At least it went pretty well. Even though I had mainly head wind and side wind, I went on by my standard 20 km/h. I felt pretty well, and ate two energy bars in before stopping for lunch at 1330, and by that time I had gone 50 kilometres. When stopping for lunch I was in Ahaus, and asked if I could borrow wifi by a couple of people. They were really nice and helpful, so the husband created a hotspot from his mobile phone, and I also got to wash my things and refill water after cooking lunch. I also had some nice talks in between my telephone talks.
Around 15-20 kilometres later, I crossed the border, and I am therefore now in the Netherlands!

I then went through some smaller cities, and as I have not had so many pictures to post last days here is a nice picture of a bicycle way:

I then arrived at my host’s place, for once pretty early (I was there 1624 but though I would be there at earliest 1700). She and her boyfriend were guarding her parents house during there weekend, so we were there instead of at her place. She was making a wonderful lasagne which was really tasty!
Afterwards me and her boyfriend went to the supermarket so that I could buy food for tomorrow, as many supermarkets here closes on sundays or have really lesser opening times.
Then, we looked at the footballgame and just talked about different things while eating kvarg, Doritos, candy (at least I did 😉 and drinking cola. They were really nice, friendly, easy-going and hospitable, and made me feel like at home really fast. A good, energised day!

Going northwest!

After eating some breakfast and saying goodbye I continued in the direction to Amsterdam again, with next stop in Münster. I stopped after 40 kilometres to eat lunch at 1200.

Before lunch, and also 20 kilometres after lunch, I had some tailwind and it went on in about 26 km/h. The last 30 kilometres were more west-going than north-west, and also the wind direction changed, so it started to get harder, but after some kilometres I got a buddy that was going in the same direction. He left in Telge, I think the city name was, with 12 kilometres left to Münster. Some kilometres before, I got overtaken by a racer bicyclist, and as it is fun to follow someone, I followed him as long as possible. For around three kilometres I was at around 28-30 km/h until he took another turn than were I was going, but it got the time going!
I then arrived at the place where I would couch surf for the night. I got let in, and went up to the door, but Andrea wasn’t home yet. The one who opened was Melissa, who have her birthday tomorrow, and therefore there would be a birthday party for the evening (which I knew since Andrea accepted the request, but it sounded like something nice to do in the evening).
It was a really nice birthday party with much vegan food and good desserts, even though I am always tired after a day of biking!

(This is only part of it!)

Resting day in Paderborn

As I usually do on my resting days, I walk around the city and just relax. I started with buying some sort of chili con carne-sandwich for breakfast and talked with some friends after I found a wifi. I then explored the different shops and walked around. In a Vaude/shop I was looking in I found a rain cover that could fit my back pack, and as it was now not really waterproof it felt like a good idea.
For lunch I bought some yoghurt and bread, and then I started reading my next book series, Harry Potter.
When the clock was close to five I went back to Esthers place to meet up. We then went to look at the Germany-USA game at a pub. On the way there, a girl recognised my hair, and it was another girl from the Hurricane Festival, Alina! She invite us over to their bbq-party if we wanted to come.
After the pub, and another victory for Germany, we went to the bbq-party. It was nice, and as I had not ate dinner I asked if I could cook some of my stuff. They had leftovers, so I got to eat potato sallad, pasta sallad, baguettes and other stuff instead, which was a good energy refuelling before the next day. We also played some flunkyball and of course I talked with many new people.
We then went home, and I went to sleep really fast.

A little bit of uphill… and after that, downhill!

It did not rain when I woke up, even though everything outside were wet and there were those slugs every here and there. I woke up at 0744, and somehow I had managed to snooze according to my phone…
I started at 0952, and during breakfast I had tried to find the shortest route possible, and therefore saved some kilometres. Now I had only 89 left, which should be easy!
The weather were crazy all day, from warm and sunny, cold and cloudy, raining and so on. At least I hade pa pretty good pace.
Then, it started to get hilly. In the beginning, it was hard, but manageable. I continued in 10-15 km/h, and at least got somewhere.
Then, it started to go really uphill. I thought it was really hard, and even had to walk for a bit as I could not bike there. When I went to the top, I saw the warning sign for the road I had just passed, and understood why it was so hard:

16% uphill really is something. I guess I will have to train more hill climbing!
The positive side of this is the other hill. Even if it was not as steep, the sign said 12%, which was more than enough. For more than 2 kilometres I did not have to pedal, even though there were small uphills on the way. I even managed to break my rolling speed record: The new record for highest speed without pedalling is now 68.6 km/h. It was an experience.
After the really steep downhill, I continued rolling at 20/25 km/h for another kilometre, before even having to start pedalling. I then saw another cyclist that seemed to live around this place, and asked if there were any slopes until Paderborn: Nope, just flat. Felt fine for me, and pedalled the last bit at ease.
When I arrived, I did not know how to get to Esther, as I had no phone number. I wrote to her at Facebook but while waiting, another nice woman invited me for a cup of tea. We had a chat about things of life, until Esther answered and I went up another stair. We ate pasta with tomato sauce for dinner, and her friend Kristin joined us. We then went out to buy something to drink, but more important: Candy! It is so nice to eat candy when you are exhausted.
We then looked at a football game at her Kristins place before going to bed, really tired!

An ordinary biking day with some rain

Actually, this day not much happened. I woke up really late and started biking around 1200. I was going for at least 100, trying to get 120 kilometres, this day.
On the way I went past a bike shop so I stopped to buy a pair of sunglasses with UV-protection, as I heard I will hurt my eyes otherwise.

I made a stop at a McDonalds to get some rest, wifi, toilet, fries and a cheeseburger. I though I would be able to take 120 kilometres without a problem, but then the rain started.
It really poured down, so I went to buy dinner to hopefully let it by. The problem is my last cash went on the glasses, and Lidl does not take MasterCard. A nice lady offered to drive me to Wez and back, as she could not explain where it was, because they took every card and not only EuroCard. I then tried to find a cheap hostel, but as I found nothing and did not want to go too far, I just pitched my tent somewhere nclose to a lake instead. I think I met the landowner/s, but when they understood I were there because of biking and not fishing, they just wished me good sleep. Went to bed at 2100 again.

A little detour!

This day, I wake up long before my friends. They were so tired after the festival, so I just hanged around, calling friends in Sweden. On the afternoon we went to Ronjas place and ate some sort of brunch. Then, I went into the city to get my new books. As I have only read until number five or six, I felt it was time to read them all from the beginning!

I then started biking at five o’clock. I was going down on a detour to some people I met at the hurricane festival.
Somewhere I made a wrong turn, because I ended up in the woods. Even though it took a long time, it was really fun going through it, but I thing a mountain bike would have been more suitable than my touring bike with luggage!


As I started late, I did not go very far. I bought some ingredients for dinner and then found a place to pitch my tent on after a total of 33 kilometres, and then went asleep at 2100.


I am still alive!

This was a crazy weekend.
I did not plan it, but I ended up staying three days at the Hurricane Festival. I met so many nice people and had a really good time! Right now there are some logistic problems as my gear is 15 kilometres away from me as some plans changed, and my new friends are the typical tired people that wants to sleep more than from 0300-0900. I can’t sleep, but that could also be because I slept some yesterday.
On the festival, I actually met a friend I know from Sweden, which I did not know would be there. It was awesome.
I will continue updating where I am going when I have all my stuff and so on. Until then: some pictures!

It was 80000 people if I got the right information!



It was nice, but I did not mind to take a shower after this.


Let’s go west!

The day started with a müsli breakfast with banana, apple, milk and also some other stuff. Then it was time to go again. It felt a little heavy since the ending of the book, and also the weather were a little bit bad. It was gray, raining from time to time, and also it would be strong head wind after Hamburg (10 meter per second).

I started with going to Hamburg, also to get some wifi as I had some calls to do. After the calls it was already lunch time, and you have to eat hamburgers in Hamburg! (According to Johanna.)
I went to Kleine Pause, and ordered a bacon and egg/burg with fries. It was really much, much better than McDonalds, and also pretty cheap for what you get (7.80 euros).

Continuing through Hamburg, I went through the Sankt-Pauli-Elbtunnel. It was a really cool thing, you went down with elevator and then walked beneath the water for 150 meters instead of over a bridge.



After rising up above earth again, I had to go over some small islands before getting out of Hamburg. It went slow, as it were much traffic, and a little bit of confusing where I could go by bike and where not.
The rest of the biking also went pretty slow, around 15 km/h, as I did not want to push, it was raining a bit and I had this strong head wind. I did not hesitate, as I did not have any couchsurfer host that had answered yet.
When I had almost gone the whole distance that day, I was in Heeslingen, trying to find wifi to see if any couchsurfer had tried to contact me, and also thinking about buying dinner. I found a food store, that also had an open wifi, but I couldn’t connect. Therefore, I asked a young couple about borrowing internet. We hooked up our mobile phones and I started looking, even though internet were a little bit slow. I had no answers yet, and while talking, they told me to come to the Hurricane festival tomorrow. I told them I would come, if I got to sleep at their place, and they said yes. Instead of dinner I buying something to drink for the evening, and we went to their place, were I got to shower and got some dinner,, including swedish bread!

Ronja and Vincent, the couple, were expecting another friend over later, and we had a nice time talking and also looking on a movie (300: Rise of an empire) but I started sleeping after half the movie as I was tired after the biking. It will be a fun day tomorrow!