The first day has come to an end

And so, the first day was over. Overall it went pretty well, even though I met, and conquered, some problems along the way! Now I am at Nathalies place in Katrineholm and relaxing after a little tougher day than expected.

The first problem was the planned way. To save time I went on small roads, mainly through the woods. I guess they don’t update those very often, as the picture below was what met me after 10 kilometers on small roads.

The problem was solved after I met a nice man who could ferry my gear and bike over the small lake. That was really nice, as I would have to add 25 kilometers to the planned day distance otherwise, which would have been a little tiring.
The next problem is that the person I would spend the evening and night at has a street address that also exists in two other, smaller, villages east from Katrineholm. My GPS led me to the one most east. Once there, I had to go another 15 kilometers to get to the right place. After all the trouble during the day I arrived 3-4 hours late, but now I am here!
This place feels like a spa. A bath, a drink, dinner, a bed and chocolate. I could have had it worse!


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