Second day – now in Linköping

This day went better than the first one in terms of finding the right way!

I left at 11.00 in the morning, which was pretty la, but it was nice to sleep. Then, I went to Norrköping. On the way there I asked to borrow a water heater from a person so I could prepare my food. They held me company for lunch, and told me they themselves had been bike touring earlier. for example 1750 kilometers from north to south Sweden! I had a good time at the lunch break.

Then, I met a person in Norrköping that had read the article in VLT. It was a nice little chat, he himself has done a journey in spain, walking 800 kilometers!

Now, I am at Cissis place in Linköping. I got really nice food, with cheese!


Soon I am going to bed, preparing for an interview tomorrow! Good night!

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