Third day – longest distance so far!

Now my third day has come to an end!
(Press read more to see the rest of the text, Johanna!)

After 133 kilometers I am sitting in Evas kitchen in Huskvarna after another really nice dinner!
I got interviewed this morning, and then I started at 1015. When looking at the map, I noticed that I were going to pass Mjölby, where a scout friend of mine lives while studying in Linköping. I contacted him and went over as i passed through, which was only 1 kilometer extra, and even got lunch there, which was awesome!
I then continued. At around 1500-1600 it started to rain. It did not pour down, but I did get wet everywhere. It was warm enough, so I went on without changing clothes. It was really nice weather instead of all the sun, as I have already burnt myself a little.
Wet but happy!

Also, I have been biking over cobblestone in the middle of nowhere. That was weird.


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