On the road again!

I have not yet really regained all the energy, but I did at least go about 90 kilometers today.

Me and my bike in Huskvarna!

I did feel pretty slow during the day, but as I started early, I still managed to get both some kilometers, long breaks and another interview done. This time, it was in Värnamo, and the article will be published tonight or tomorrow, and then linked from here (still in swedish though).
As I got at least around 170 kilometers until Höör, I guess I’ll arrive at saturday lunch/evening, but everything can’t always go as you want to!
I got a new high in “rolling speed”, the speed the bicycle can get to without help from me pedalling. 52.7 kilometers per hour, and still really steady! Fun was it!

A wonderful, steep hill!

Today, it was raining from start until lunch. I had the luck to get invited by a really nice women who were home with her children so that I could take my pre-noon snack indoor, instead of in the rain. In the afternoon it has been raining in small sections, bot mostly just cloudy or even sunny. It really poured down when I put up my tent, but it stopped two minutes after. 😉
This is my first tent night on this trip, and so far it’s nice. At least I am tired, so I guess I will sleep well!

Also, during the interview, I got two baguettes by a nice man, friend to the journalist, owning a restaurant at the same street as the news house.

Now it’s time to sleep, and tomorrow, new adventures awaits!