The friendliness of people

This day started when I heard voices not long from my tent. I had put it up on an industry as it was a red day today, and thought that no one would work. No problems though, they were really nice, and even offered me breakfast! I already had the baguettes from the day before, otherwise it would have been really great.
I started pretty late, everything was packed and ready at eleven. When I later that day went through Lagan, I was going to refill my water bottles. The people I talked with even offered me pie, and it was really good!


When I started feeling tired, I was going to refill water and find a place for my tent. The first house I asked at, he invited me for a drink. Then, I was permitted to pitch my tent in his garden, but it went better. His dad went by and talked with us for a bit. Later, we went over to his dads place and ate dinner (chicken with noodles – yummy!)!
In the end I didn’t even have to pitch my tent as I got to sleep in his guest house!