I reached my first goal!

Today I finally reached my first goal, I am in Höör!
I ate breakfast at 0730 and was on my way at 0900. I felt much better today, I think I have regained all my energy since my sick day. I pushed pretty much as I felt I really wanted to join the scout camp as soon as possible.
When I paused for lunch I met some friends!


Then, I continued to push, and tried not to do any long stops. Refilled my water in Markaryd where i also got treated two after eights by a the nice man!
Continued, and had to refill water again in Hörja where I got some water melon.
At 1655 I arrived at the camp. By that time I hade done 95 kilometres since 0900 and it felt pretty good!
At around 1800 they served dinner. It was grilled sausage, corn, cous-cous-salad and bearnise. Some hours after that it was time for “Lägerbål”, where we gather around the camp fire, sing songs and look at small performances.

I had a really good evening overall, and they also pulled me up to tell them about my oncoming journey.

I also had the opportunity to wash my clothes and take a shower here, which was well needed. Also, it is nice to meet new scout people from other places than the usual ones!

Another article is published!

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