My first scout camp has ended!

I have been a scout for only 2.5 years, but in that time it has mostly been scout hikes and courses. Therefore, the scout camp at Finngården, with Scoutkåren Finn, was my first one. Although I could not participate from the beginning, the time I was there were lovely. The camp fire yesterday with all the singing and performances, all the good talk with people both young and old, and the spirit in all! I had a good first scout camp with good memories.
Then, I went into Lund, and took it pretty fast (50 kilometres in 2.5 hours inclusive breaks) even though I had head wind all the way. Not much slopes here in Skåne although!
Later me and Lizzie joined with the leaders from the scout camp and ate pizza. Now we are at Lizzies apartment, and tomorrow I may leave Sweden! Nice!

Also, the scouts like old jokes: