Finally bought suncreen

I had a long nights sleep and went up at 0930. I made some breakfast, consisting of a field meal and tea.

I started biking around 1130.
It has not happened really much today, but it has been pretty nice winds. I have biked 91 kilometres, and have finally bought sun screen in Roskilde. I also ate lunch after i had left Roskilde.

At around 1600, I made a stop and bought an ice cream. The temperature has been around 26-27 degrees celsius all day long, it is really hot!

Right now I am sitting at McDonalds and preparing my dinner. After that I have to find somewhere to sleep if I do not get an answer on Couchsurfing soon. I have my hopes up! 😀
Added 2144: everybody directed me to a hostel, so I went there. My first paid night on this trip, but at least I got to take a shower and wash through my clothes a little. I put up my tent near a pole for caravans, so I got electricity! 😀
Good night!