Resting day in Schlesswig

I contacted the second person to accept my request the 15th, and he told me it was okay to surf at his place in the evening and that he should be at home at 1900.
I then spent the day down in the centrum. First I bought another bottle holder to put on the side of the bike as my pressure-driven bike horn canister will go there.
Then I went to a small chopping galleria and just looked around, doing nothing. I also found wifi and called some friends.
When I was getting hungry I went to a pizzeria and bought pizza. It was delicious and, compared to Sweden, cheap (50 SEK, 5,5 EUR).

While waiting for the pizza I started reading the second book in the hunger games trilogy and continued reading for some hours. Then I went back to the shopping galleria for some more calls, and read some more. When the clock was 1900 I started going to Felix, my hosts, place.
When I came there I recognised which door it was pretty easy as he had hung a Swedish flag there. Apparently his parents, as I understood it, lived in Sweden so he had gotten a Swedish flag to use every time a Swedish person would come by.

There he, his sister, niece and nephew were looking at the soccer game Germany vs Portugal, and I joined in. I also got to eat a pizza they had not eaten so even dinner were done! After the soccer game the sister with kids went home after we had talked a little bit about my trip and they wished me good luck. Then I spent the evening talking with Felix, and also we reset his router that had stopped working, until he had to sleep as he had work tomorrow. I then continued reading until I was done with the book, as I am not good at taking a pause with books. At 0230 I was done, and now it is sleep time. Good night!


I started yesterday with more pancakes at Lings place, and she also made me some juice of carrots and stuff! I even felt like a healthy person. 😉

Then it was time to go again. I said good bye to Ling after I had packed all my gear and started biking around noon this day. It was another really good experience with couch surfing!

Today’s aim was at Schleswig, and I would finally cross the border to Germany! After crossing the border, the first thing I did was to buy liquorice, as it is really cheap at those border shops. That made me a happy person!

As I ate a really late breakfast, I ate mostly nuts, dry fruit and energy bars during the day.
I also saw 7 or more touring bikers today!
I came to Schleswig at 1940, and after finding a wifi, I saw that none of my requests had answered. Therefore, I started to send out more requests, and then waited. At 2010, a person answered, and he was living only 900 meters from where I was. It was perfect!
I went there, and even got dinner. It is fun to test different sort of foods, and today it was vegan!

We were chatting for another hour, before I started to feel really sleepy. I think this was the first time I actually slept on a couch through couch surfing, other times it has always been the floor or a bed, so now I have actually surfed a couch!
I slept for about nine hours before we were going up. He made a nice breakfast, and after getting everything ready, we talked for another hour. I gotta say he had a really nice view over Schleswig and the lake from his apartment!
Then it was time for him to leave and I am now out in the city at the wifi-spot I found yesterday. Today is a resting day, so I will read, fix some things for my bike and just relax, and we’ll see where I end up for tonight!