I started yesterday with more pancakes at Lings place, and she also made me some juice of carrots and stuff! I even felt like a healthy person. 😉

Then it was time to go again. I said good bye to Ling after I had packed all my gear and started biking around noon this day. It was another really good experience with couch surfing!

Today’s aim was at Schleswig, and I would finally cross the border to Germany! After crossing the border, the first thing I did was to buy liquorice, as it is really cheap at those border shops. That made me a happy person!

As I ate a really late breakfast, I ate mostly nuts, dry fruit and energy bars during the day.
I also saw 7 or more touring bikers today!
I came to Schleswig at 1940, and after finding a wifi, I saw that none of my requests had answered. Therefore, I started to send out more requests, and then waited. At 2010, a person answered, and he was living only 900 meters from where I was. It was perfect!
I went there, and even got dinner. It is fun to test different sort of foods, and today it was vegan!

We were chatting for another hour, before I started to feel really sleepy. I think this was the first time I actually slept on a couch through couch surfing, other times it has always been the floor or a bed, so now I have actually surfed a couch!
I slept for about nine hours before we were going up. He made a nice breakfast, and after getting everything ready, we talked for another hour. I gotta say he had a really nice view over Schleswig and the lake from his apartment!
Then it was time for him to leave and I am now out in the city at the wifi-spot I found yesterday. Today is a resting day, so I will read, fix some things for my bike and just relax, and we’ll see where I end up for tonight!

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