Tested pushing myself a bit

I woke up at 0645, and started with heating water to make breakfast as he usually ate at work. He went to work at 0700 but I got to stay at the apartment. I ate and packed and closed the door at 0920.
I felt energetic this morning, so instead of aiming at 20 km/h, I started being at above 25 km/h. It felt good and I continued like this.
At Rotenburg, apparently you can’t go in the tunnel by bike. I asked for a bridge, but apparently they use a ferry. I went there, and it was like a plateau hanging in steel wires beneath the railway bridge, going forth and back every 10 minutes or so. It was also free, so I guess that’s their solution instead of a bridge.

I continued biking until I felt like eating lunch at 1200. When I had finished my lunch, a garbage truck went by in time for me to throw away my trash. Perfect timing!
When the garbage truck were going back, they stopped, and held out a water bottle through the window. That was actually really nice, it was cold water, and also that meant I had enough water not having to stop before reaching Quickborn!

I then continues to Quickborn and at 1658 I was at his apartment. There I reviewed my stats for the day, which is my new personal record with touring luggage:
108.14 kilometres
4 hours, 15 minutes and 12 seconds of biking time
25.4 km/h average speed
39.5 km/h max speed
I really felt it in my muscles, and do not think I could do this many days in a row now in the beginning, but it was nice to test!
I contacted him and he was playing beach volleyball at the school were he teaches. I went there and got a key for his flat. At the flat I started with washing my hands and feet and then made some dinner as I was starving after today’s tour. I then showered and started reading the third book in the hunger games trilogy. He came home at 2000, and we had a nice talk. He is a sports teacher at the sports gymnasium, and he has tested many sports, both sailing, kite surfing, bike touring, mountain bike, skiing, and also been around the world a lot. It was nice to exchange experiences, and he also told me about Hamburg if I would like to go there. I was thinking of taking an extra resting day after this little pushing, as I did not know how my muscles would feel the next day.
I then went to bed and read until around 0100, so now I only have two thirds of the last book left!