An extra resting day

The day started with me and Gunar going to the bakery to get some breakfast bread. We ate a sweet german breakfast with nutella, marmalade, cheese and other things on the bread, and it tastes so good.

I then went to the train station. When buying tickets the cashier did not speak english,, but a nice girl helped us out. She was also going to Hamburg, so I joined her for the trip, and at Hamburg she pointed me at the right direction. I was aiming for the lake to get some green places and parks to relax in, and also get some walking. I started walking around the lake counter-clockwise and even though not much happened, I did take some pictures and just went around, feeling relax. I also stopped sometimes to continue read my book or to write for the blog.

I did some car spotting, and saw those two, the beetle and the bus. For you who doesn’t know, I owned a ’69 beetle earlier, and I really like those cars!


At one of my reading places, some swans were approaching. I guess people usually feed them as they did not seem scared.

In one of the parks, I smelled some really nice flowers. Even though I can’t describe the smell, I can at least show you the beauty of them!

After walking around the lake, which apparently is around 7.5 kilometres around, I found a place to eat and read it. Today, I went for Döner (kebab).

Back at the central station I saw three back packs that I recognised: a Lundhags, a Haglöfsf an Everest. I asked the three girls, and yes, they were swedish. They were going by interrail card, and had started this monday, as two of them just took their exam in gymnasium (or high school, for the americans). It was nice to chat some swedish too!

I then went back to Quickborn.
My aloe vera-plant that I brought, has followed me 1217 kilometres. Sadly, all the shaking, jumping and other not-so-caring things have ensured it did not do well. I decided it was time to let go, and it is now buried outside of Gunars apartment. May it rest in peace, and maybe start to grow one day!

The clock was now close to eight, and Gunar was at home, so we ate dinner and talked some more. We talked about Gunar maybe joining for two weeks in the end of august, we will see were I am and what mood we are in by then!

As usual by now, I continued reading my book until the end. At 0100 in the morning, I was finished with the third book in the hunger games trilogy. It felt really sad, and I almost hate the last book because of something in the story, but It really is a hate/love relationship. I would recommend everyone to read them!