A little detour!

This day, I wake up long before my friends. They were so tired after the festival, so I just hanged around, calling friends in Sweden. On the afternoon we went to Ronjas place and ate some sort of brunch. Then, I went into the city to get my new books. As I have only read until number five or six, I felt it was time to read them all from the beginning!

I then started biking at five o’clock. I was going down on a detour to some people I met at the hurricane festival.
Somewhere I made a wrong turn, because I ended up in the woods. Even though it took a long time, it was really fun going through it, but I thing a mountain bike would have been more suitable than my touring bike with luggage!


As I started late, I did not go very far. I bought some ingredients for dinner and then found a place to pitch my tent on after a total of 33 kilometres, and then went asleep at 2100.


I am still alive!

This was a crazy weekend.
I did not plan it, but I ended up staying three days at the Hurricane Festival. I met so many nice people and had a really good time! Right now there are some logistic problems as my gear is 15 kilometres away from me as some plans changed, and my new friends are the typical tired people that wants to sleep more than from 0300-0900. I can’t sleep, but that could also be because I slept some yesterday.
On the festival, I actually met a friend I know from Sweden, which I did not know would be there. It was awesome.
I will continue updating where I am going when I have all my stuff and so on. Until then: some pictures!

It was 80000 people if I got the right information!



It was nice, but I did not mind to take a shower after this.