A little detour!

This day, I wake up long before my friends. They were so tired after the festival, so I just hanged around, calling friends in Sweden. On the afternoon we went to Ronjas place and ate some sort of brunch. Then, I went into the city to get my new books. As I have only read until number five or six, I felt it was time to read them all from the beginning!

I then started biking at five o’clock. I was going down on a detour to some people I met at the hurricane festival.
Somewhere I made a wrong turn, because I ended up in the woods. Even though it took a long time, it was really fun going through it, but I thing a mountain bike would have been more suitable than my touring bike with luggage!


As I started late, I did not go very far. I bought some ingredients for dinner and then found a place to pitch my tent on after a total of 33 kilometres, and then went asleep at 2100.


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