I am still alive!

This was a crazy weekend.
I did not plan it, but I ended up staying three days at the Hurricane Festival. I met so many nice people and had a really good time! Right now there are some logistic problems as my gear is 15 kilometres away from me as some plans changed, and my new friends are the typical tired people that wants to sleep more than from 0300-0900. I can’t sleep, but that could also be because I slept some yesterday.
On the festival, I actually met a friend I know from Sweden, which I did not know would be there. It was awesome.
I will continue updating where I am going when I have all my stuff and so on. Until then: some pictures!

It was 80000 people if I got the right information!



It was nice, but I did not mind to take a shower after this.


4 thoughts on “I am still alive!

  1. Haha awesome! not every day a couple on a street invites you to a 3-day festival! But I suppose the chance is bigger if you are you πŸ˜›

    also it’s interesting that germans and bridges appearantly don’t make very good friends

    keep up the spirit! it’s fun to follow you ^^

    • It really was a nice happening! But yeah, stranger things has happened. πŸ˜‰

      Good, and as I said earlier, I will hopefully cover every day, but sometimes it will be many posts at the same time as I do not always have internet!

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