An ordinary biking day with some rain

Actually, this day not much happened. I woke up really late and started biking around 1200. I was going for at least 100, trying to get 120 kilometres, this day.
On the way I went past a bike shop so I stopped to buy a pair of sunglasses with UV-protection, as I heard I will hurt my eyes otherwise.

I made a stop at a McDonalds to get some rest, wifi, toilet, fries and a cheeseburger. I though I would be able to take 120 kilometres without a problem, but then the rain started.
It really poured down, so I went to buy dinner to hopefully let it by. The problem is my last cash went on the glasses, and Lidl does not take MasterCard. A nice lady offered to drive me to Wez and back, as she could not explain where it was, because they took every card and not only EuroCard. I then tried to find a cheap hostel, but as I found nothing and did not want to go too far, I just pitched my tent somewhere nclose to a lake instead. I think I met the landowner/s, but when they understood I were there because of biking and not fishing, they just wished me good sleep. Went to bed at 2100 again.