Resting day in Paderborn

As I usually do on my resting days, I walk around the city and just relax. I started with buying some sort of chili con carne-sandwich for breakfast and talked with some friends after I found a wifi. I then explored the different shops and walked around. In a Vaude/shop I was looking in I found a rain cover that could fit my back pack, and as it was now not really waterproof it felt like a good idea.
For lunch I bought some yoghurt and bread, and then I started reading my next book series, Harry Potter.
When the clock was close to five I went back to Esthers place to meet up. We then went to look at the Germany-USA game at a pub. On the way there, a girl recognised my hair, and it was another girl from the Hurricane Festival, Alina! She invite us over to their bbq-party if we wanted to come.
After the pub, and another victory for Germany, we went to the bbq-party. It was nice, and as I had not ate dinner I asked if I could cook some of my stuff. They had leftovers, so I got to eat potato sallad, pasta sallad, baguettes and other stuff instead, which was a good energy refuelling before the next day. We also played some flunkyball and of course I talked with many new people.
We then went home, and I went to sleep really fast.