Resting in Amsterdam

The day started with breakfast as usual, even though it was a late one. I made some porridge and then started writing for the blog.
I then went out to buy new tubes as I needed two new ones. After that I changed the tube as the valve was broken.
After that I made lunch from the leftovers since yesterday’s dinner.

When I had eaten I felt really tired and went sleeping for 2.5 hours.
After that I went into Amsterdam. I explored a bit but also used an internet cafè to print my ticket, as I will have to fly home for my brothers wedding!
I came home around eight, and then went to shop ingredients for dinner. As it was a while ago I ate it, I made pancakes. What else!

It was awesome, and Kim and Sufraen joined me for dinner.
After that I organised some more to pick out what I should bring home.
I went downstairs to Sufraen and Kim again and continued writing. When done I sat there for another hour and talked about stuff but also we fixed a plug for some lights as the plug had come loose.
After that I looked at another movie, and then went to sleep!

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