Home to Sweden

So, today was the day. After a pretty late breakfast I pitched my tent so it could dry as the last time I pitched it it was raining.
After that I went to cut my hair. As it was in bad condition, and I would also not be able to take care of it while biking, I was going to cut it short. Because I was going to attend my brothers marriage, I went to a hairdresser instead of just doing it myself or letting a friend do it. It was nice for being that sort of haircut, even though it was not really my style.

I then packed my last stuff and packed my tent again before taking the bus to the airport. The flight was leaving at 1700, so I would be in Sweden at 1900.

The service on the airplane was good. Even though it was only a two hour flight there were free drinks and sandwiches, which was nice as I had not eaten any real dinner yet.

I took the flight bus from the airport and my dad picked me up in Västerås. We went home and I met Lizzie for the evening and, of course, made pancakes as I was almost home again!