Resting day in Sweden

This day was my day off in Sweden so to say.
I drove Liz to the station as she is on a summer course in Stockholm, and then went to Johannas place to pick her up. We had breakfast at my parents place – pancakes – until she had to start working at nine.
I then went over to Jakob and stayed there until twelve. He had two New Zealanders on visit as they were working at the same place as Jakob were doing right now. We also ate lunch at Jakobs place, before I went further.
I went home to Demonen, who also was working but took a little longer lunch break. We ate apple pie and talked as usual, and I got my skirt and spoon back as she had them since my moving out-partying and cleaning.
After that I went to my old apartment to get some stuff from my room but also meet with Malin, one of the two who are living in the rest of the apartment right now. My room is really stuffed, but I managed to get the stuff I needed out!


It seems like the pair Malin and Martin is having a good time in my apartment at least, and they have furnished the apartment real good. I am happy for them!
At 1500 I met up with Ronja at the station as she was going to stay with me until the next day. We went home and talked about everything that could be talked about, and ate thai food dinner with my parents.
It was a nice day meeting all those friends, and tomorrow is the big day!

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