The big day!

So, the day for my brothers wedding was here!
The day started, of course, with waking up and making breakfast. For some variation, Ronja and I ate pancakes, before I had to drive her down to the station to the train and once again say goodbye.
I was then taking a shower and making all preparations needed, which was almost prepared since before.
My grandparents on my dads side came by at eleven as I was going to drive them to the church at 1130.
We came a bit early, as we think that is better than too late, so we took some pictures of the outfit for the day.


The wedding was really beautiful, and I can’t say how happy I am for them! My brother Tim and Maria met on the day nine years ago at the drop zone in Stockholm, and have been a lovely couple through the years. I do not personally have many pictures of the wedding, so I steal this one from the wedding photos taken between the wedding and the wedding dinner:

During the dinner, I of course held a speech for mainly my brother, where I told him that I am proud of who he has become, but also that I am happy to have Maria in our family! Other than that, it was a fun dinner with some games and really good food!

With the wedding and dinner over, I drove my grandparents to Västerås so they could drive back to Arboga. After that, Astrid came over to my place, We did the usual cacao-banana-honey-vanilla ice cream drink and also some tea and sat outside on my parents veranda, listening to music, Power Meet and talking. It was a really good evening, and the weather was nice, even though it started appearing too many mosquitos after a while.

The day was really good, and I want to again congratulate Tim and Maria on getting married!

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