Going back again!

We woke up pretty late, as we did not really have any time to pass.
The day got started with us actually shaving my head. From now on I will let it grow and hopefully not touch it in a year, to see how it will grow and look like in the end!


We then made pancakes (Yeah. I do like pancakes.) which we ate outside in the garden. It was really nice weather, really sunny, and perfect for breakfast.
When Astrid had gone home, I started packing for my trip back to Amsterdam. The rest of the afternoon I spent with my parents.
We ate a late lunch at Pizza Hut some kilometres from Arlanda, and Tim and Maria also joined us which was nice! After the pizza my parents drove me to Arlanda, where I checked in and then waited some time with my parents before going through the security check. Everything went well, but this time I also got to wish for seating, so I chose emergency exit at the windows, which would show to be a really good choice.
When I had boarded, it appeared as I did not have anyone sit beside my. That meant three seats for me, with extra space for the legs!

The service was as good as the other way, so I ate as many sandwiches and cookies as I could. Think it ended with three or four sandwiches this time too.
On the airport, I had missed the bus by just some minutes, so I had 26 minutes to wait. I spent the time with the free wifi inside the airport. I came back to Kim, Mira and the others at around 2300 and was pretty tired. Even though, I tried talking with Ronja over the phone, but in the end I was apparently too sleepy!

So after this, I felt it was time to go to bed. 😉

6 thoughts on “Going back again!

  1. Kom ihåg solskyddscreme, även om du har hatt/hjälm eller båda. Jag fick en fin bränna på flinten, och jag rakade huvudet på vintern…

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