…second planning day…

I did not really have a plan for which route, and wanted to go by one of the couchsurfers in Amersfoort as we only had time to meet for a few hours last time. She did not have time until tuesday or wednesday, so I skipped going south, thinking I would go by Amersfoort first.
We ate a late breakfast, and also a late lunch. I went into the city to join Kim at Liekas fashion show rehersal. The plan was to go to another place afterwards and see a couchsurfer play guitar live at The Candela. I got to borrow some clothes today so I dod not have to wear my usual beige shorts with black bike shirt!

At the fashion show rehersal, Kim had to test shooting angles as she was going to film, and I went into the city in the meantime. There, I visited the ordinary places, the old church, Red light district and looked around at all the coffee shops and all the contrast. There were no strange sight to see small kids eating pizza with their parents close to the windows in the alley, which was really strange for me to see. Also, the usual “church in background of red light district”-picture:

I managed to see some swedish brands on backpacks and a sleeping bag on a pair of backpackers, so I asked them if they were swedish. Apparently they were, and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses so we could maybe meet tomorrow!
After the sightseeing I tried to find my bike, which was impossible. I had a GPS tag, but I had put it out too late, and thought I would find it anyway. After half an hour of circling the canal, I looked at the map, and found another canal parallel to the first one, less than a hundred metres away. At that canal I found in less than five minutes, but I do was scared for a short time!
I met up with Kim, who was also going home, and biked home. We ate some small dinner, and then Lieka told me that their portable stereo had been stolen, and asked me how strong my mini speaker was. Apparently, it was strong enough, and I had no problem letting them borrowing it. This also was excellent for me, as I needed to stay one more day before going to Amersfoort. It felt like I had stayed for a pretty long time, but when you are able to help, it does feel better! 😀

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