…and a third resting day.

The resting days has been more than three, I can assure you, but at least I had a plan for tomorrow!
I woke up at 1049, and the swedish girls were going on a tour around the city at 1115, which I would not be in time for. We decided to meet at the central station at 1430, which meant I could go to the fashion show and then directly to the station, which would be perfect.
We ate breakfast, and then started biking. Kim had to get a check-up for her new cool touring bike, and I needed a new 3.5 mm stereo cable as the old one for the mini speaker was loose. After this, we went to the fashion show and delivered the cable, and Kim got ready for filming while I went around looking at the clothes and stuff. The exhibition was in an old brothel, Yab Yum, which apparently was a higher class brothel earlier but nowadays was used for art exhibitions and the likes.
The show was as the rehersal, but this time I got to see it with the right clothes, and I do personally think it was really cool! Just two photos to show some of the clothes, and also the surrounding:


I think Lieka and her two mates did a really good work with the clothes and the choreography!
After the fashion show, I went to meet the two swedes. We hang out in Amsterdam until around 2200, before we were getting tired and also they had a time to be home at at their hosts place.
We agreed on keeping in touch as they were going to interrail some more, and maybe we would meet in another city!

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