Enough rest!

And so, I was biking again. It really felt strange to leave the place, so I guess I have been there almost too long!
On the way into the city, Kim made company with me as she was going to get her new bike back. On the way there, we met Lieka, which was lucky, as she still had the case and charging cable for my speaker, and then I also got to say goodbye to her.
After going separate ways with Kim, not much happened. As opposed to when I went the other way, this time I took a more north-bound route so that I would pass all the construction sites. I only had two small brakes on the way, as I had eaten just before starting to bike, and also would only bike approximately 60 kilometres.
Even though I tried to start late, I still was two hours early at Amersfoort. I spent the time on McDonalds, eating a cheeseburger but more importantly using their wifi and bathroom.
I met up with Norma and we went to her place. We had a small walk with her dog before going to shop, and then she made this really nice Chicken Tandoori. Second time eating dinner here, second time it was really nice! šŸ˜€
We then hanged out, talked, looked at some Simpsons and then switched over to the game. I started sleeping in the couch pretty early, so after Norma had walked the dog again I went to sleep!

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