The day started with another good breakfast, and I went up in somewhat time for the first day in some time. I left at nine o’clock as they were going away. Today, I got some sort of biscuits with me, that I think were a form of Belgium speciality. They were really nice though, and lasted for the 70 kilometres I went today.

Apart from some small stops, it was the usual biking. The weather has been cloudy all day, with some droplets of rain, but nothing enough making my gear wet. Also is has been headwind, so sometimes it really felt hard to motivate myself to go further, but I knew it would feel good when I would arrive in Brussels.
I met a pair of touring bikers, that had actually gone from Münster, and they were going to be out for two weeks, I think it was. I stopped and talked with them while they were shopping so I could get a small break, and then went further.
Also, today has been my first injury on my gear. I miscalculated and came too close to a concrete block, and got some damage on my right front pannier. Nothing some duct tape won’t fix, though!

When I arrived at the place, I got greeted by Anne and Didier. They live in an old nice house from 1894, and it is really beautiful! My view from the room I stay in is also pretty nice:

I have already got treated lunch, and then I showed them how to use the Warmshowers website as they were not really used to it.
After eating some more I went out to look at the night life. On my way there I saw these people playing in front of a church, and stayed and listened for some minutes. They were really good!


I have never really been a club person and neither this time was it that good. I talked to a few people, but went out from there quite early, at ten. Before going home I saw this synth/emo/rocker-people and went there and talked with them. The rocker guy, Joi, was really nice and we talked for one and a half hour before I got too sleepy and had to bike home. He tipped me about some nice almost “hippie place” that I may visit tomorrow night. It was a nice evening!

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