A really good resting day!

I had a really nice breakfast with my hosts, and also Max and Sophie joined. As I understand it they were both friends of Anne and Didier, and Sophie rented the apartment on the fourth floor while Max was just staying for some days.

I then went out to visit the flea market, which I had read would be huge, and they were not kidding. It took me some hours to go through it, and I almost felt like I had not gone through it all!
I found some things I liked: Some old post cards, a small mechanical packet watch and also I found a cheap nail clipper (1 euro), probably some sort of imported china stuff, but I forgot mine at home!



After that I headed to a big street market near the south station. I mostly went around and looked, but also found an old VW T2 that sold waffles. Too bad the chocolate were out, but the waffle still tasted good!

Then, of course, I went to the Grand Placa for some more sightseeing. It rained, but I got a plenty nice picture, even if the panorama makes the towers look bent:


I also went to le Bourse as the postcards I found was old pictures of the building. The lady thought the postcards was from around 1920, and with the cars on the picture, it could be true!

After that, I went home and started with changing room as Max had gone. It was a rather nice room with a self illuminating star sky in the bed section but also a small home theatre.

I watched a movie, Vanishing point from 1970-something. I also organised my stuff and looked a little bit on tomorrows trip, even though I was not sure where or how far I wanted to go.
During the movie, the two Korean guys who was also going to live here arrived. They were out on a 60-day Europe-trip, and was right now going the opposite direction of me, so they came from Paris.
We ate dinner together in the evening, all of us, before I went out again, and it was a good time for a gathered photo!


Joi, who I met yesterday, tipped me of a “squat place” I think it is called, where people had started living in an abandoned building and got legally approved to do so. They made food every evening where people could pay whatever they wanted to. Joi wasn’t there but I started talking with some other people, and then followed to girls for a walk, Els and Nathalie if I got their names right. They were studying in Brussels and usually came to this place to eat as the food were really good, they said. Too bad I had already eaten me more than full because it looked delicious!

We went around a bit and they showed me the fountain I had not found earlier, another really touristic must-see place!

When going home, I saw the independence statue a couple of hundred metres away. I did not know what it was, but asked two ladies on the street. One of them lives in Barcelona and we may meet there for some tea. It is always fun how you can meet people in so many ways!
I think at least I have seen most of the usual Brussels places after this days trips.

When I came home, Didier and the Korean boys had went out to watch the game. Anne was home so we talked some more and also said good bye as she was going to leave early for the morning.
I then saw another movie, Broken, and ate some goodies. I say it again, I really felt spoiled, Anne and Didier were so kind all the time!

I then went to sleep in the enormous bed. I can’t remember when I had so much space to sleep at last time!

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