Belgium is a small country

…and it did not take many biking days to go through it.
After another good breakfast, I said good bye to Didier and went on my way. I got some bread with me, I really liked their home-made bread!
The weather was really nice, and even though I went pretty slow (about 15 km/h) it was a nice biking day. I did not really hurry and took some breaks here and there.

It was a bit hilly, but as I took it slow, there were no problems. Also, you always got the downhill after going up!

As I took long time on me, I used my solar panel to charge my things on the brakes. It really works well in this hard sunny weather, and I think there will be no problem with electricity during trips between more remote locations!

It did not happen very much during this day, which I did not mind. One strange thing happened though, as the navigator told me to turn left. It seemed like a thing I could not do!

There were another quiet border pass, and without the GPS, I would not know when I had passed the border. Soon after the border, I arrived at the place where I planned to sleep for tonight, a drop zone (skydiving centre) in France. The people were really friendly (which I was sure they would be) and it was much cheeper than a hostel (2 euro for a night, inclusive internet, shower, bathroom and so on, and it was good standard at everything). Also, I got to live near the sound of skydivers swooping and airplanes taking off and landing, which is a pretty nice sound!


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