Towels and baguettes

I took my time in the morning, and ate a breakfast on the balcony in the lovely weather. As Emma could not really do errands, I went to get some towels that were sent to her old address. I was going to a picnic at the old railway later, so I went and picked them up just before.
The picnic place were really cool, and if I get the chance I will explore this railway more!

At the picnic I meet a girl, Aoife, who gave me a baguette, so I felt really parisian biking home!

On the way home, with 300 metres left, I heard someone yell, and there were people I met at the picnic who were at a café!

After some hours rest at home, I went to the next picnic. The site said 300 attending, and I do not know how many we were in real life, but we were many!


Around midnight we fought of going to a bar, so we did. On the way we went by the glass pyramids outside of the Louvre, and it looked really nice!

We went to a bar and met this nice guy, William (the spelling differs in french). It was a really nice night, even though 0530 felt a little late! ^__^