Today, Aoife and I decided to hang around. I went it the Belleville market to meet her, and we went dumpster diving for a while (getting free food that it is nothing wrong on, but they can’t sell as they may look bad or gone over expiration date). We found lots of food that were more than edible (the bananas for example just broke off the top, no problem to eat).
We then went on a walk to her place, and passed a cemetery, the Luxembourg park and second hand shops where you weight what you buy and pay per kilo. I bought this for 1,20 euro, which I think is reasonable!

As we was getting hungry we bought ingredients and went to the place where she lived and made pancakes. I have really longed to eat it again, and I was feeling so good when there were no left. Absolutely perfect!

She was going to the Catacombs with a friend later that night, so I joined in on the plan. Therefore I went home to gather all my stuff and prepare myself!

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