The day after

We hang out in the park for some time before taking the metro home. We had not slept for 22 hours, but I did not feel that tired. When we came home, we ate some breakfast, and then I went to the laundromat while Lukas went to sleep.

I did not feel that tired so I washed and fixed some stuff with the blog and my pictures from the night. At 1500 I got really tired and my eyes started closing on me, so I went to sleep for an hour. Lukas had fixed ice cream, so we went to the park and ate it. It really felt weird after the night!
Lukas went to eat with some friends, but I did not have the energy to attend any event so I started looking at the movie “Divergent” instead.

Then Alexander asked if anybody were up for going to the Cinema, so I went there and met him and Ruyoo again. We looked at Edge of Tomorrow, which actually ended in Paris, and then I went home to finally sleep for real!

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