A real resting day

This day, we slept for real, and I did not wake up until 11. I made some breakfast that we ate when Lukas came back as he did an errand in the morning. I looked at the end of Divergent, and did not really do anything before 1500.

I had met a guy from Miami, Joe, who usually hangs out in the Luxembourg park playing chess. I went there, but as he had another appointment later on, I came too late as I arrived at 1700. I got to play two games, and even though I lost, it was fun. It really was a long time ago I was playing, and I have much to learn!

I went home, and just bought a baguette at it was too late for lunch but too early for dinner. Lukas and me were going to meet Aoife at Parc de la Villette to go to the outdoor cinema and look at Moonrise Kingdom. I planned to make dinner there, so it would be better with the planes. Of course I also brought my scout shirt as it was a scout movie!

After the movie, we went home on the really crowded metro, as everyone tried to get with it. I could almost lift my legs without having to hold onto anything. Good training before Japan!

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