We meet again!

So, Charlotta and Klara were coming to Paris, and needed a host. I would change tomorrow, so I asked Lukas, and they could stay there. Lukas would be at work but I waited at home when they came, and so we met again!
After they had taken a shower, we went out by Lukas work so they could meet. We also got some directions of how we could walk around to see some good stuff.
We started by going to Arc de Triumph, and also went up this time (free for EU-citizens at the age of 25 or less!).

Then, we went to Trocadero to look at the Eiffel Tower, and we also met some people we think were pick-pocketers (they were going around taking photos with random people, but we don’t know). Me and Klara also took the chance to bath a little in the fountain, as it more or less had a water slide and all!

We went to the Eiffel Tower, and then the clock were already close to six, so we started going home, and shopped on the way. The girls made a really good lentil dish!
We were going to attend a CS-party later in the night, and I went there by Metro as I was going by the post office on the way, and they walked. The post office at 52 Rue de Louvre are open all day, all week, and that is pretty amazing!
We went to the party, and met many new and some old people. The after party were really bad, but all before that was really good, and I don’t mind as we still were home at 0330!