Next host change!

We started with eating a really good breakfast, with many different dishes.

Everybody were a little tired since the day before, so we didn’t eat before 1300, and after that we were most zombies. I packed as I was going to change host today, and at half past two I went away with my bike again.
I arrived at my hosts place, Philippe. He is a touring biker who have also been to many places, and for example did a half-year trip in the USA and South America.
We looked at some Tour de France, and he invited me to join him and some friends for dinner in the evening. We went there by metro, first going to the bike soho which one of the friends are working in. The bike shop, Rando Bikes, seems to be really good, and so special orders, for example building touring bikes after the wishes from the customer. I also met Cecile, who would join us.
During the evening I talked pretty much with Cecile, about gear, plans and bike touring in general. She was planning on biking from Hamburg to north of Sweden or Norway, and also gave me tips about biking in France.
She also had two Hilleberg tents, one Akto, and one was the same as the one I am using, the Allak. She also thinks it is worth the extra weight to have this palace to live in while biking!
Also, the dinner was fantastic. We were at an Italian restaurant, and I do not know the names of the dishes. The first one was fish eggs with bread, the main dish was salad with really thin raw slices of cow I think, and dessert was an awesome chocolate cake with ice cream. I also got to taste the other dishes, and I was really full afterwards!
On the way home we went with the metro again, and one of the trains was without a driver, automatic. I do think it is nice that the technic is evolving!