“The largest flea market in the world”

I can’t confirm if that is true, but I can confirm that the flea market was HUGE!
I met up with Aiofe at eight, and we first walked to the flea market in the 14 arrondissement. That one took us two-three hours to get through, and I found some great post cards!

After that, between the markets, we went by a graveyard to look for a specific grave, and on the way we found a grave so clean that you could take a selfie in it!

We then went up to the other flea market in Saint-Ouen, which says it is the largest second-hand market in the world. It is even separated into 14 smaller markets, and it have everything from cheap china stuff in the outskirts, to ordinary second-hand findings, to real antique things that goes for several thousands of euros. It was a really cool place at least, but I could not find anything I wanted to buy that I could bring on my bike.

After that, we went to Montmartre. It took some time, but it was a nice walk, and we bought cola on the way as it was really hot outside. Montmartre is, as far as I know, most known because of the view you get from the hill. Up there, we saw what I think is leftovers from the demonstrations that has been.

After Montmarte, we went down to go to a place near Notre Dame. On the way we saw some street scammers. (They are shuffling 3 small black bricks, one have a white dot underneath. They always have friends who plays and wins or loses money, and try to get a stranger to join in, and then make it harder than they did before.) One of the friends told me to stop looking and that he would call the police (on an open street where it is perfectly legal to walk/stand). Just some seconds later a guy appears and talks with the one who is shuffling, and they pack everything together and walks away in different directions in a rush.
A book shop, Shakespeare and Company, were having a teather play, MacBeth. I joined Aoife to look, but as I was not in the mood, did not really hear what they said and also should get home and eat dinner, I went away after a while.
I ate dinner with my host, Philippe, who had made pasta with toamto sauce, cheese and olive oil. Simple and really rich on energy and other stuff that is good while biking!
After that, I went out to the open air-cinema to look at another movie. I do not remember the name, but it was Quad-something, with The Who. Again, I had a problem, as they were talking in slurs and the subtitles were in french, but it was nice anyway.
Afterwards, we we walked home, even though it was pretty far. It started to rain, which I did not mind, and also thunder. We went by the bridge with the locks (still really good at names) and also Notre Dame which looked better without all the people.

We also found a statue that worked as a slide!


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