Sleepy day

I slept for pretty long, and after waking up and eating breakfast, I went to the park I was at yesterday to retrieve my bicycle. After getting there, I rested a bit on the grass, talking on the phone, as I still felt a bit sick and my body was pretty tired. Then, I went to the post office on Rue de Louvre, and finally a post card had appeared!

If there are more people who would like to send post cards to me, I could start writing out the address here, as it will always change.
I then mounted my bicycle horn as I had finally been able to get a mounting place for it. I will just have to pump it up, and then I can honk back at the cars!

I then went home the last bit to eat lunch. I did it easy, and went by Lidl to check out their prices, and they were really cheap! I managed to buy three pizzas for 1.80 euro, and two of them were more than enough for lunch.

I then fell asleep, and slept for some hours before attending a couch surfing event (weekly monday meeting @ Thirsty Mad Cat). I was still pretty tired, and did not really strike any good conversations, so I went home after an hour. I ate the last pizza for dinner and then fell asleep pretty early compared to the other days here in Paris, as it was only eleven!

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