Go west!

So, this day I would continue biking.
I went out from the apartment at twelve, gathered my gear and left the keys. I would not have entrance to my next host before 1900, and it was only 54 kilometres on the map, so I figured I would do something in the meantime.
First, I went to meet Lukas, we went to a park nearby, where I ate an easy lunch of pain au chocolat (names and stuff) and some turkish yoghurt. Then, I went to meet Aoife when her workday ended, and we went to a sushi restaurant as she had not yet eaten lunch. Me made a guy out of wasabi!

After a visit to another small park, it was time for me to go. I started at 1600, and did not take any brakes before I arrived at 1900, at the minute. It was a bit hilly, so it took a little longer than expected, but at least it was nice views!

To my disaster, when I had arrived, I found my turkish yoghurt left in my handle bar bag broken, and it had leaked all over my stuff… Took me some time to clean, but everything seems OK (have to do a check-up on the passport though, as they can be really hard on small damages too).

At least Jessica and Luke were really nice guys, living with their cat in Mantes-la-Ville. I helped doing some well-known french pie for dinner. As I do not know the name, I will describe it as cheese- and ham-pie!
They also treated me some typical french desserts, and I wished I could eat more!


2 thoughts on “Go west!

  1. usch, jag vet hur jobbigt det är med kladd i påsen. och ute på världens längsta cykeltur också!! men efterrätterna såg jättegoda ut

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