First fall!

I got to eat breakfast at their place, and Luke even sent with me some coupons, a paper map and some oats and dried fruits!
I then continued biking. Not far from the city I managed to fall with my bike, as I hit a dirt-wall on the tractor road I was biking on. Just a minor bruise on my leg though, and nothing visible on the bike!

It continued to be hilly, and I guess I should get used to it the more south I get later. My GPS also thought it would be a good idea to go on a small gravel road that were really steep downhill, and it was lots of fun. I just let go of my brakes for a couple of seconds and hit 30 km/h without a problem. Did not dare to continue in high speeds though, especially as I had to go over a fallen small tree for example, and I am glad I chose disc brakes, really comfortable!

I arrived at the camping at around six and pitched my tent. Took a shower and got ready for bed, and even got to bed quite “early” (eleven o’clock)!

Also, after this day, I have been out riding for two months!