Still sick

After the catacombs and not sleeping much in Paris, I have not really gotten all well. I did not want to get up, so I slept until 1130. I did not really feel like biking when I even did not really know where to go, so in the end I decided to stay another night.
During the day I wrote some blog posts as I again had fallen behind (that usually happens when I have fun stuff to do) and tried to eat and rest. For lunch I bought a pre-made pizza, as I could not find the right ingredients in the store (and what I found would be double the cost). I made my trangia into an oven, and it worked really well!


On the afternoon, I saw another bike-tourer who had arrived at the camping. Her name was Maja, and she was on her way home to Switzerland (the opposite direction of where I was headed). Happy to actually meet another bike tourer that like to talk, so I made my dinner at her tent (pre-made crepes with Nutella, so lazy and so good!) while discussing plans, adventures and gear.
I tried to get to bed pretty early, and was almost sleeping at ten. Then, I started coughing, and it would not stop. After almost an hour I made some tea, and I think it helped, at least I was asleep at half past eleven. I had planned to wake up at seven, so it really was too bad that this would happen. I would not take another resting day though, as I wanted to move!

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