Youth Hostel

I went up at eight, started doing breakfast and packed my stuff. I was actually on my way before nine, and everything felt good. I bought candy yesterday that I did not eat, so instead I used it as snack while biking. I actually did not have any long pause for the first 40 kilometres, as I ate and drank while I biked and felt as I wanted to just go, which in the end was lucky.
One small pause I took though, was when I saw a small festival in one of the towns. There were some games, but also four or five tables with second-hand stuff, so I took a look, but did not find anything.

It started raining, and at the same time I saw a good place to pause on. I was pretty covered under the trees while eating lunch, and it rained much less when I continued (it still rained a lot, but it was pouring down at lunch).

Many people at home have asked me the question: “What do you do if it rains?” Well, the easy answer is: Bike. Actually, I bike harder, because I hate getting cold, and I also think it is more boring to bike many hours in rain. In sun I do not mind going in 15 km/h, but in rain it is more like 25 km/h. Both good and bad.
I had 47 kilometres left after lunch, and when I finally took a brake again, I had 16 left. It had stopped raining almost completely, but my energy also went away. I some energy bars and just continued, as I knew it would be better to break down in a bed than at a bus stop.
I had actually not been living in a hostel before, and as it was the cheapest alternative available , I took in there. According to both internet and the tourist office the next alternative would be a 4-star camping 10 kilometres away, and that would be double the price (the hostel costed 13 euro/night).
I booked two nights as I though it would be close enough to tour the Omaha beach and cemetery, but that was too far away apparently. In the end I felt as I could just have an extra day trying to get well, and I also washed my clothes in the sink as I could let them dry in the room for the whole next day.
There were two Australian guys living in the same room as me. They were traveling around playing Tennis and were really nice to talk to, and I also joined them to go shopping as they had a car and I had directions.