During my breakfast, I looked at the pictures the Russian had uploaded to his facebook, and I saw a big abbey there, named Mont Saint-Michel. I looked it up, and it was pretty close to where I was, about two days south west, so it was almost on the way. I decided to go there, and sent a message for a host in Granville, about 100 km from Bayeux, and 60 km from Mont Saint-Michel.
There were a pretty hilly way, so I had to press myself a bit. On the way there I biked by the Eisenhower monument, and took a break there.


I bought lunch at a Lidl, and made cous-cous with salami, oil and peanuts.

When close to Granville, I saw some Volkswagen busses, and decided to check it out. It was a repair shop for veteran vehicles, and mainly older Porche and VW!


I came to Granville, and managed to find the living place of my host. He was a nice guy who also tour biked, but also was kayaking. He was going away the next day and had to pack in the evening, but he hosted me anyway, which was really nice!
We went out and ate kebab for dinner, and then went to a bar for a glass of wine (or beer, in his case). Back home again, while he packed, I prepared for the next day, and also managed to find a host in Pontorson, just 10 kilometres south of Mont Saint-Michel.
We had an ant invasion during the evening, but after a round with the vacuum cleaner and plugging all the holes, they all were gone!