As Nina was going to sleep for a bit longer today, I started with sending out some requests for the next night. I then went up, ate breakfast and looked at the movie “Invasion” (from 2007).

I was just going 60 kilometres today so I was not in a hurry.
In the end I also ate lunch with Nina, before she had to go. I packed the last of my stuff, made myself radio and then went to Rennes. Before going to my host (who would be at home at 1830) I went by a bicycle shop. There, I bought an orange safety-thing and a pair of shoe covers to use when it is raining. Sadly, the orange safety-thing pretty much sucked, as my heel would touch it while biking. Also it did not extend that much compared with my other bags, and my rain cover for my back pack is also orange (and much bigger). I guess that and the reflexes on the panniers should be more than enough!


I went to my host, and met Arnaud. He had done some bike trips himself, with his longest being up to Norway. We had much to talk about when coming to gear, trips and experiences. He made a really good lasagna for dinner, and even though I had eaten both breakfast, lunch and snacks, I ate really much. I have to say I really liked it!
Later in the evening, we looked at the movie Carnage, which I think was really funny. I did not know anything about the movie before, but it was “not as expected”. Then, I went to sleep, with the plan to wild camp tomorrow!

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