When eating too much…

I woke up, ate breakfast and went on with my journey. For lunch, I ate Pasta with peanuts, oil and the meat I had gotten with me from Nina and Babette. The problem was, I did too much of everything…

I felt so tired, so I found a park bench, and laid down for more than an hour, sleeping. After that, I felt it was time to go on, even if I still felt really tired. I found a small shop where I could buy food (next day is sunday, and France closes on sundays) and then continued.
I had found a small lake on the map that looked like a good camping spot. When I came there, I knew I was right, as there were an actual camping there. As the price were only 5,10 euro, I decided I could camp there instead. I pitched my tent, put out my sleeping gear and took a shower. I was still feeling full from my lunch, so I did not eat any dinner, but instead went to sleep around nine-ten.

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