Jackiie and Jacky

In the morning, it really rained a lot, and I decided not to go out. I slept until 1130, and started eating breakfast and packing as most of the rain were gone. I then continued, with Nantes as my next stop, as I though I would be able to find a host there.
On my way there, I found internet so I could send out some requests during lunch break. I had a really easy lunch at least!

When I came to Rennes, I went to a McDonalds to see if anyone had answered, and as no one had, I sent out more requests. When the wifi-time was over, I moved into the city to find another wifi and maybe some small shop where I could find something more to eat for dinner than the same bread as I ate for breakfast. I had miscalculated, and my MREs were out, even though I thought I had one left.
I found a bakery that was open, and bought a whole-grain baguette. After that I found wifi, and to my pleasure, among all the declines, I had one accepted request! It was just 2 kilometres from where I was, so I went there.

I was welcomed by Jacky, a man who have been woofing and biking. We shared experiences and he also cooked some awesome macaroni-chicken-cheese thing!
In the evening we went out with our bikes so he could show me around a bit in Nantes by night. There seem to be some art culture over the town, and here are two pictures!


After our little trip we went home and it was time to sleep.