I got an answer from a host in the morning, so I knew where I was going. After a breakfast and packing my tent Jacky helped me take photographies of me on my bike before I said good bye.

The way there were pretty easy and I took a little longer break with some blog writing. There was 5 minutes of rain, but I managed to find cover so I did not hassle with rain clothes.

Once at the place, I met Celine, who showed me where to put my bike and also showed me the house. Her husband, Pascal, came home short after. They were both really welcoming, and even if I were their first Warmshowers guest I am pretty sure they have had guests before, I really felt like home!
I really liked her collection, and also this book:


They have done some shorter bike trips themselves, the latest this summer. Thanks to that I got the tip to go from Bordeaux to Toulouse by the canal, as that would be without hills, and also pretty good asphalt.
I followed them shopping, as I also would need some ingredients for the oncoming days.
We had a good dinner, with some appetisers and drinking an aperitif, Pastis. It did really taste like liquorice!
We ate some grilled sausages and meet with mushrooms and fried potatoes, and for dessert there were some ice cream. I was full afterwards and it had been delicious!

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