Good winds, good people, good food

After having breakfast, saying goodbye to Gonzalo and after departing leaving the key to Alberto, I biked south-south-east. The winds were really good, so the 76 kilometres went by fast.
In Rochefort, I bought some pre-made lasagna from Lidl.

I just put it in my kitchen and stirred it while heating it, and even if it does not looked like lasagna, it tasted like lasagna, and was actually really good!

When arriving, my hosts were not at home, but some other people was. As I understood it it was a small farm where woofers could come by and work at, but they also had some friends there. I pitched my tent and took a shower before borrowing a computer, fixing some administration for home.
There were one woofer (working at the farm-person), and five other people, apart from the two living there. Four of the friends staying there were Finnish, and two of them also knew Swedish.
It was a really nice evening, and two if the Finnish people seemed to know how to cook, as they made some really good food. After a really nice evening I went to bed, and was not that sure if I would continue tomorrow!

My host, Nico, playing the piano