The resting day of resting days!

I had actually not really spoken to Nico much before arriving, so I did nothing about the place before. It was one of the most relaxed places I had been at in a long time!

It started by Nico proposing to me to make pancakes, as we had spoken about it the day before. That was an awesome start of the day!

I was pretty tired, and apparently my body needed some rest. I was pretty much by myself just surfing the web and actually playing a game on my iPhone (can’t remember when I did that the last time). I felt a little bit boring, but the others did not seem to mind, and even when trying to I could not really be social. I guess I needed some alone time!
The others invited me to go to the beach after noon, so I joined them. During that trip I learnt not to put my GPS on Short when in car-mode, but in Fast, as Short really mean trying to take almost the same roads as the bike.

We saw some happy sunflowers though!

The beach were nice, but a bit windy. It was really fun to play in the waves, and the water was not too cold!
We went home again, and I went into my little introvert relaxation mode again. Talked a little bit with the others now and then, ate another awesome dinner and then went to bed. Now I would start taking some kilometres!