Let’s go!

After the morning routines and saying goodbye to those partially awake, I said goodbye to Nico and his nice little farm with new energy. Now I did not have any hosts or planned stops, so I just biked as far as possible.
I actually held speeds around 25-28 kilometres per hour, and I think I really felt the difference between the first day and today.
I put as much energy as possible in my body through chocolate and peanuts, and stopped for lunch at two (cous-cous, peanuts and oil).

As it was Saturday I did not only shop for the evening, but also the next day, as many shops tend to be closed on Sundays.
I continued, and after 90 kilometres or so I refilled my water to try to find a good place to sleep at. It was not really late yet, so I continued to find a really good spot. In a village I saw this sign:

I checked it out, and talked with some Portuguese people with my broken Spanish. Even if it was just a stop for motor vehicles, they assured me it would be OK to pitch my tent on a nearby lawn. It was a good place, pretty quiet apart from the funny-sounding derp-pigeons, with water at the cemetery 100 metres away and a public toilet 200 metres away. I made my dinner (some ravioli) and went to sleep really early, after a day of 102 kilometres and hills, with an average around 23!

Also, this is the wear on my front respective rear tire so far, after approximately 3800 loaded kilometres:



I guess it is time to change the rear one in Barcelona!