More hills, still pushing

I was pretty tired since the day before, and went up by nine. I still managed to start biking at 1040, after planning a telephone meeting with my mum at 1800.
I continued pretty fast, with speeds around 25-26 before lunch. There were even more hills today, so after a long hill into a village, I decided to take my lunch break. I found a place with a toilet, water, bench and shadow and made my lunch camp.

It started getting even more hilly close to my planned sleep-location (100 kilometres) so I stopped at 95 in a small gathering of six houses and managed to find wifi. After trying to help my mom find some things in my room (where it is a mess – all stuff from 60 square metres cramped into 16) I continued at 1930.
I came to Marmande, found another “camping” (for camper vans actually) and put up my tent there. I felt like I wanted to take a shower, but as there were no shower, I used the ice-cold tap with drinking water instead. It really was cold!
Also, the public toilet nearby were really disgusting , and at the camping there was a sign saying “8 euros per night”. There were no one there, and a pair of people I asked said you pay in the morning. Oh well, at least I had a place to sleep at!